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Tai Pei

creative direction, copywriting

craving conquered


Increase brand awareness to millennials.


Ajinomoto Windsor’s Tai Pei frozen food was seeing drops in their share of the frozen food market, though other brands with differentiated offerings were seeing growth. With the frozen aisle already considered difficult-to-shop and millennials not frequenting that aisle, Tai Pei needed to find a way to leverage its Asian offerings, revitalize their image, and engage millennials.


Millennials want frozen food when they crave it.

Tai Pei has an opportunity to become the go-to Asian frozen food. With consumers seeing two separate markets for frozen food and Asian frozen food, Tai Pei can distance itself from the stigmas of traditional frozen food and define itself as a healthy option for quick, easy satisfaction for their cravings– without being a cheat meal.


Tai Pei will spark a craving using the campaign assets and satisfy it with a delicious product. Tai Pei emboldens consumers to indulge in their cravings. With a campaign that both incites craving and guarantees satisfaction, Tai Pei will be the key to “Craving Conquered.”

The Connection: When the craving strikes, millennials reach for Asian food. The ads position Tai Pei as the premier brand for satisfying millennial’s cravings for frozen Asian food.

The Call-to-Action: Tai Pei pushes consumers into action with its challenge to satisfy their craving for Asian food the moment it strikes. The campaign reinforces this message, enticing consumers to choose Tai Pei when they crave Asian food.

The Campaign: The campaign focuses on creating cravings for consumers to conquer by portraying scenes of action– going places, getting things done, and bringing home Tai Pei. Tai Pei feeds the millennial desire to have it all.



The commercial aims to be relatable to our target audience’s lunchtime cravings. The emphasis is placed on the uncontrollable desire for Tai Pei, highlighting its craveability. The increasingly frantic pace and tone leading up to the main character obtaining Tai Pei relates to the eagerness from the feeling a craving, to the satisfaction Tai Pei offers once the craving is conquered. When the craving for Asian food strikes, millennials will be reminded of Tai Pei’s ability to satisfy it.


The billboard embodies the urgency of an emergency, demonstrating that a craving for Tai Pei must be satisfied as soon as possible. The design alludes to a memorable fire extinguisher scene from the commercial and will stand out to drivers on the highway as they cope with rush hour cravings. Our target audience will be reminded of the convenience of Tai Pei’s singular ability to conquer their craving for Asian food.


In the fashion of a “Spot the difference” game, the carousel ad emulates the distracted feeling that strong cravings cause. The differences in the images represents the struggle to focus when craving strikes, falling in line with the commercial’s craving hallucinations. The final image suggests that with their craving conquered from the help of Tai Pei, they can again focus on their task at hand.

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In collaboration with the 2016-2017 team of UCSD AdWave.

Creative Director: Summer Davis
Creative team: Amy Ting, Ming Ming Liu, Sabrina Fatholahi, Ryan Szeto, Norman Hsieh