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make this meal yours


Increase sales for Wienerschnitzel.


The hot dog has a status as a lowest tier meal option.

Hot dogs currently lack a unique and exciting appeal in a fast food market flooded with choices. Consumers perceive hot dogs as a boring, utilitarian food option, only to be eaten as a quick, easy, and convenient solution to their hunger. The hot dog is tied to convention and convenience, with consumers not even trying hot dogs without non-traditional toppings.


Hot dogs are a blank canvas that has the opportunity to be uniquely positioned to incorporate a variety of unique, diverse flavors.

Though hot dogs currently serve a limited role in the culinary culture of our target market, Weinerschnitzel has a unique opportunity to reinvent their signature meal and join today’s boundary-pushing food culture.


Wienerschnitzel can be at the forefront of an industry paradigm shift. By creating an infinitely customizable and uniquely personal hot dog experience that aligns consumers’ identities with their fast food choices, Wienerschnitzel can change the nexus of concepts surrounding hot dogs from “cheap, easy, and gross” to “exciting, novel, and personal.”

Brand positioning and strategy: Wienerschnitzel will elevate the hot dog from an impersonal crowd-server to an individualized foray into culinary possibility and experimentation.

Campaign: The campaign focuses on individuality, customizability, and adaptability. Consumers deserve to treat their authentic selves, and Wienerschnitzel is there to support their originality.
   The Call: You deserve the meal you want, however you want it.
   The Connection: Wienerschnitzel’s variety of toppings brings endless possibilities to create the most satisfying meal.


For Wienerschnitzel to lead this paradigm shift in the hot dog industry, they need to actively create opportunities for unique customer experiences. Below are the advised innovations to Wienerschnitzel’s business, inline with the creative strategy, to radically raise perceptions of the hot dog.


A menu revamp will hone in on creating highly customizable and uniquely personal hot dog experiences. The new menu will empower customer creativity by allowed to pick from a revolving list of exciting combinations or build a creation entirely their own.

Food truck

In the vision of bringing hot dogs to consumers in exciting and accessible ways, Weinerschnitzel food trucks are the answer to delivering new contexts and experiences to hot dogs and bridge the gap in Weinerschnitzel’s geographical convenience. The exterior of the truck will have a whiteboard finish, encouraging customers to use the provided dry-erase markers to doodle or write what makes them unique.

Delivery Packaging

The delivery-order exclusive packaging is optimized for experience and fun. The packaging brings the consumer a build-your-own experience, with the toppings, hot dog, and bun receiving their own separate sections of the box. While the packaging brings a greater experience of customizability, it also eliminates the possibility of soggy buns and messy toppings due to transport turbulence.


Below are some of the campaign’s creative elements. All of the campaign’s creative elements can be found in the planbook below.

Main Commercial: Tell Me What You Want

30-second spot introducing three customers who all approach Weinerschnitzel differently. A remixed version of the iconic Spice Girl song plays. One person arrives in-store, one uses mobile delivery, and one has a friend arrive, to-go bag in hand. Their profiles are covered by the toppings they chose, representing their unique personalities and highlighting the ability to express themselves through Weinerschnitzel. They go on to eat their hot dogs differently: with a fork and knife, like corn on the cob, and the last overloaded with toppings.

Commercial: Unboxing

30-second YouTube spot appealing to vlogging and lifestyle channel viewers. Features a trusted creator doing an unboxing video excitedly explaining her newest purchase — a pineapple, jalapeño, bacon hot dog. The tongue-in-cheek Unboxing video showcases Weinerschnitzel’s new delivery-packaging while demonstrating the fun and creativity in customizing your meal.

Pinterest: You Are What You Eat

Paid pin to attract users searching for meal inspiration with a simple, stylish diagram that showcases three of the new possible hot dog combinations, built from the new toppings. A short blurb with each hot dog combination describes the experience a person might have when eating that particular dog. The ad playfully displays the versatility and creativity possible with Weinerschnitzel hot dogs.

See the complete planbook below:


In collaboration with the 2018-2019 team of UCSD AdWave.
President: Emily McGuire
Chief Strategy Officer: Noah Estep
Chief Creative Officer: Evon Hung
Strategy Director: Anthony Byrnes
Public Relations Director: Jennifer Niedringhaus
Media Director: Nick Rolph
Production Director: Dalida Rached
Creative Director: Amy Ting
Creative team: Amin Alavi, George Li, Healy Cho, Nancy Zhou, Nathaniel Acosta, Rachel Lee, Sean Wang